Google Knows My Birthday?!

Ryan Duncan

It’s always been understood that Google has a lot of information about us. And as the company makes it’s way more and more into the smart phone market, they are learning more. They know where we live, where we work, websites we visit, people we’re friends with, who we contact frequently, and even when our birthday is. Of course the last bit of information is provided by the consumer when a new account is created, making it easy to lie about.

So why do we trust this huge company to hold all of our information? Maybe it’s their “Do No Evil” motto. Maybe it’s their awesome products we can’t help but flock to. I received a call from a friend earlier today saying. “Google knows my birthday?!”

Why yes. Yes they do. It’s nice to see them using it here as a marketing gimmick.

Google Birthday Doodle

Above is a screenshot of what my buddy was seeing on his Google search page. Nice unique birthday Doodle just for him. Is this intrusive to one’s privacy? Or is this kind of marketing becoming more normal for those in our generation? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Claudia Thompson

    In my opinion, it is a violation of our privacy and a reminder that Google is trying to control our entire lives. You wake up and there is Google wishing you a ‘Happy’ Birthday’ and you know that it is a computer generated wish. Soon I half expect to find little ‘Google Notes’ consoling me about people who have died in my life, and congratulating me on moving to a new place, etc. It’s like they are trying to insert themselves into our private lives. It is already to the point where if you click on an item on a clothing store site online, you have to see that same item appearing in gmail ads, and everywhere you go on the Internet. It feels like they are spying on us.

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