How To Gain Exposure Using Social Media

use social media increase awarenessHow to Gain Exposure With Social Media

Do you have a social media strategy for your business?

Did you sign up for social media sites and now you forget to update your pages, making them useless?

Social media is essential for building community and distributing content that you post on your website and blog. Think about all the blog posts you create that end up in your archives, never to be seen again. Think about the less popular products on your website that don’t see customer eyes on a consistent basis. How do people find out about weekly or holiday promotions other than your website.

Social media helps to share this content and connect you with people through an outlet they are on almost all the time.

Think of it this way: There’s a good chance that none of your customer wake up in the morning and open your website for a day of browsing. They do however open their Facebook and Twitter accounts to catch up on the latest news. So how can you spread your exposure through these social media sites?

Recycle Old Posts

Use plugins such as Tweet Old Post to take your old blog posts and automatically recycle them as Tweets. This gives you consistent Twitter activity and it sends people to old content. Recycling old posts creates discussion and gives you social proof when others see that more and more people are accessing your information. Another way to recycle your old posts is to put together an eBook and give it out for free to those who follow you on social media.

Distribute Current Posts and Products

The easiest way to engage your customers and keep your company in the back of their minds is to instantly share recent blog posts and new products. Whenever you publish a new blog post your should post it on your social media accounts with a question to create conversation or conversions.


One of the pieces of content that people share the most on social media sites is pictures. Every company has recent news and related information that can be posted on these sites, a local SEO company can help regulate and post on your social media sites for you. If you run a storefront post pictures of new items or different setups in your store. If you run a corporate office snap photos of your employees using hot products or even just having fun in the office. All of these things show customers that there are people running your business. Customers enjoy working with other people and speaking with those who help them get quality products and services. Give them a direct link to upper management in your company and answer all the questions they may have.

How else can you use social media to expand your online reach? Let us know in the comments how you use social media to create relationships with customers. 

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