Fine Tune Your Search Marketing, Don’t Reinvent It

The online world is quickly turning into the market place we were once trying to get away from. Costs per click are on the rise, costs per impressions aren’t getting any cheaper, and search engines are filling their indexes with your competition. Online marketing isn’t as attractive as it once was for start-ups. As marketers we’re always looking to find the next best place to advertise, but in this ever-changing landscape, is online marketing still the way to go?

In the pre-online marketing boom there were countless websites being launched generating thousands, if not millions, of dollars from e-commerce or simply having a digital business front. Those stories seem to be dwindling and the theme has changed to businesses complaining about their online presences. Local SEO Companies claim to be doing search engine optimization and other search marketing tactics for their website but  it’s not working. You can find these companies damning the industry for their saturation and not accomplishing their goals or extending their reach. In short, their return from investments are dwindling and the only reason that seems concrete in their mind is the amount of advertisers taking their business. Thus, the reinvention phase begins.

For many companies who have been using online marketing for years, they’ve reinvented themselves three, four, maybe five times, trying new tactics and redesigns that are said to guarantee their leadership in the search engines. These fallacies waste tons of company dollars, man-power and, most important of all, time. Frequent redesigns and overhauls make a brand seem slight schizophrenic to not just your target audience, but to the search engine spiders as well. These people and bots see your company site as irrational and indecisive, making it irrelevant to your target keywords.

Throughout my years as a digital marketer I’ve noticed that many who call themselves online marketers, forget one of the most basic principles of marketing; create a consistent marketing message. Simply because the landscape changes to the computer instead of paper and ink or television, marketers seem to lose their minds. Make sure you stay consistent within your marketing strategies. This simple concept will take your company’s online presence a long way. Just because something isn’t working the way you wanted, don’t recreate what you’ve already spent so much time planning and building. Tweak as necessary, but overhauls can be a tedious waste of time for everyone involved.

The universe wasn’t built in a day, why do you expect immediate results? It’s a great notion to keep that “nothing is ever perfect” when it comes to your marketing efforts, but scrapping the project to start anew is not the path to success. Implement some excellent reporting systems and gauge results on a monthly basis after making detailed changes in your marketing or landing pages. Over time, your efforts will pay off and you’ll have a consistent image across the world wide web with excellent rankings in the search engines because you stayed on course. Just remember to keep pushing what you’re doing and never go back to square one… or two for that matter.

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