Facebook Versus Twitter Marketing: What’s The Difference

facebook vs twitter marketingAll social media marketing is created equal right? That is far from true. Although both can be very successful, marketing on Twitter is very different from marketing on Facebook. Below are some examples on how to market on both Twitter and Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a community that offers many different types of marketing options for businesses. It was originally designed as a social website for college students to share information and keep in touch, but has quickly grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

On Facebook, users can upload pictures, share links, make statements, and play games. Many other websites are integrated with it allowing Facebook users to share the websites they find interesting to all of their friends. Facebook also has an applications portion which allows users to play games complete quizzes, and do other online activities from within Facebook.

The most significant aspect of using Facebook is that everything you do on the site is shared with at least some of your friends. Depending on your privacy levels, it may be shared with the whole world.

How to Market on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook can be done in many different ways. Some ways are fairly direct and require little effort, while others require lots of time and expertise. Here are some of the ways that you can market on Facebook.

  • Facebook Ads

Purchase advertisements from within Facebook that are targeted to a demographic of your choosing.

  • Facebook Page

Create a fan page for customers and potential customers to promote your business and connect with your fans

  • Facebook Applications

Create branded applications that can be used and shared among fans and potential fans.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a platform where anyone can share information with the world. In theory it is similar to a blog, but users are only able to compose shorter (140 character) messages in real time.  Twitter messages are not restricted to twitter users, but users can subscribe to their favorite other users in order to see messages in real time.

On Twitter, users can direct message other users, forward the public twitter messages of others (re-tweet) and mention any other twitter user. Twitter is the preferred site for people and businesses that need to regularly update the public with new information. It also is ideal for sharing small bits of information about yourself without sharing your online activities.

How to Market on Twitter

Twitter marketing is a little less straightforward than Facebook, but can be just as effective.

  • Promoted Tweets

Sponsor your twitter profile to make sure that your messages show in front of your target demographic

  • Share Pictures

Upload and tweet pictures relevant to your brand to connect with your fans and customers

  • Share Links

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Post links to your blogs, websites or even Facebook page to help connect fans and customers with you.

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