How To Tell When You’re Due For A Website Redesign

Are your customers telling you that your website is old and clunky? Do you notice that when visitors come to your site they leave within seconds? Are your search engine optimization results far from superior?

A website is your portal to the outside world when it comes to business. If you don’t have a website that displays your business in a positive manner then you have no chance of making money down the road. You are basically signing over the keys to your business when your website is not effective. SEO and web design can be tricky, if you find yourself lost and needing help contact a local SEO company like Funnel Boost Media to assist in fully optimizing your site and its online presence.

Let’s learn how you can figure out when it’s the right time to get a new website for your company.


Customers Come To Your Website And Then Leave Within Seconds

Most websites give stats on how long people stay on your website. Take a look at your stats and understand the pages and posts that people visit most. Take a look at how long people spend on your site. If they only stay for a few seconds or minutes then it might be time to think about a site redesign. Talk to a website design company to see if they can make your site look a little more user friendly and modern.


Your Website Looks Ancient Compared To Other Websites You Visit

You probably look at websites on the internet all of the time. How does your website match up? It’s important to look at your competitors to keep up with them as well. Do you have a bulky website that runs slow and makes it difficult for people to find what they need? Are competitors blowing you out of the water with their website and search engine rankings? Talk to a website design specialist to fix it up.


Your Sales Are Dropping For Some Reason

In today’s day and age your website and search engine rankings have a direct impact on your sales. If you don’t end up on the front pages of Google and other search engines then you have no chance of keeping up your business. If you have a poor site design then Google recognizes this. Google will flag your site and push it down the search engines to make sure people don’t notice it. Once this happens you will probably see fewer and fewer sales. Keep your revenue high and your business booming by talking to a website professional who can make you website more appealing.


Now it’s your turn to share with the community. Let us know in the comments section how you feel about your website. Does your site look old and outdated? Does it have a solid user experience or are customers forced to go through unesecarry steps? Share your questions and we will try to help.

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