Don’t Forget The Other Search Engines

shutterstock_140412928Webmasters who are just starting out tend to focus their energy on the one major search engine, Google. Claiming over 70% of the market share, it’s easy to see why the other search engines can be overlooked from time to time. Google’s an awesome search engine, don’t get me wrong, but there’s many other search platforms out there that are preferred by internet users around the world. If you’re not in these search engines, you are missing these searchers and losing out on potential business.

It’s true. There are tons of people around the world that don’t use Google! I know it’s hard to believe, but the statistics prove this fact, showing that there are millions of people around the world that stick to other search engines for their queries. This creates more work for us online marketers and search marketing strategists. When your company website isn’t listed in the other major search engines it can be hard to capture these other search engine users.

Not to worry though. There are a lot of local SEO companies that can help with ranking your website among all search engines. Be careful there are many websites out there that will submit your website content to the major search engines and hundred of others for a small fee, or even free in some cases,  beware cause some of these sites though as they will add you email credentials to a marketing list which they in turn sell to other advertisers. I recommend using an email address that you don’t mind being flooded with spam mail.

The top places you need to make sure your website is listed other than Google is Bing, Yahoo!, and DMOZ. Make sure to create an account in Bing and Yahoo! that allows you to submit your sitemap to be indexed. This will make sure that these two search engines regularly crawl your site for changes. DMOZ is a little easier, simply find a category that matches your company website’s industry and click on the “recommend a site” at the top of the page. Afterwards, simply fill in the details of your company and wait to be indexed. DMOZ is a little bit trickier than the other 2 and can take a few months to be indexed. The wait is long, but the rewards are great. Being found on DMOZ can help bring more traffic and authority to your website.

Good luck with your website endeavors. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section!

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