Does Social Media Still Matter?

shutterstock_186292982In the last decade, companies have focused huge amounts of their marketing efforts on social media. Having a presence on Facebook or Twitter has been the newest and greatest form of “word of mouth” marketing. It’s been a while since the dawn of Facebook advertising, though. Is social media still relevant these days?


Although social media has changed significantly in the past several years that does not necessarily mean it is now irrelevant for company marketing.

Presence vs. Impact

Marketing on social media used to mean simply establishing oneself in a way that they were commonly seen on those website. Although this may have worked in the past, it is no longer going to cut it. Nowadays every business, from San Antonio to New York City, no matter how new or small, is expected to have a Facebook page. They’re nearly used as much as websites when it comes to company – customer communication. If a company has a social media presence that does not mean it is making an impact.


That is why companies need to come up with more creative and appealing strategies for catching the attention of social media users. Whether it’s turning something very specific into an idea that appeals to wider audiences, or simply using humor or creativity to catch the eye of consumers, companies have to try harder than ever to get some attention on social media.


This does not mean that social media is less important than before. If you succeed in catching Facebook users’ attention, for example, your company or product is going to spread like wildfire, making your time and effort well worth it.


Just like any form of marketing, using Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform for advertising is going to require you to be different from everybody else. If your company is just same old, same old, you are going to be overlooked. With social media, this can be seen either as an obstacle or as a tool. If you can’t come up with a special way of showing off your company or product to viewers on social media platforms, then social media may indeed not be the route for you. When done with a unique flair, however, a marketing strategy on social media can provide an amazing tool for communicating straight with consumers and customers and catching their interest.

The fact is, people are still using social media. It’s unlikely this is going to stop anytime soon. People use the platforms differently as time goes on, of course, so it’s just a matter of keeping up with the current trends. The more people who see (and like) what you have to say, the better your chances of getting their attention. Make sure you’re noticing what people care about and take advantage by posting about the same things from your company. While Facebook likes might not be indicative of your company’s success, people sharing and talking about your company are. Remember this when using social media as a marketing platform. Funnel Boost Media, a local SEO company can also help with your social media marketing needs.

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