Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013

It’s the 4th day of the new year and digital marketers and observers around the world are pulling out their crystal balls to predict what we can expect in 2013. Tons of research and analysis has been placed on big tech press releases, search engine news, and trends over the past year to create the best possible predictions ranging from realistic probabilities to bizarre predictions. We too, here at your local SEO company, Funnel Boost Media have been talking to the gods of internet marketing in an effort to forecast what we can expect in the new year. Here are a few major ideas that we feel will take over 2013 and well into the future.

Rise of Author / Profile Rank

Google AuthorRank is a concept that came out in 2012 that joins the user profiles of Google+ with content being created on webpages around the world. Similar to PageRank established by Google in the late 1990’s, AuthorRank is geared to tell how authoritative an individual blogger/person/company is in their particular industry. The algorithm (which has not been released by Google) is believed to look at all the social profiles attached to the user as well as any blogs or other content sites that user may contribute to, determining how many likes, shares, interactions each post gets from their audience. It can also see how many people are following you and what kind of people you attract. The algorithm seems to be complex, but feeds through the main Google+ profile.

Google+ allows you to link your profile to your websites as a virtual resume of the work you do online. After linking your profile, you can begin to see your user profile picture next to your webpages in Google’s search results. Because AuthorRank is still a new concept, we don’t believe that it is playing much of a role in search engine optimization of your webpages… yet! In 2013, AuthorRank is sure to receive more attention than it did in 2012, playing an even bigger part of digital marketers’ lives.

Klout provides a similar service to Google’s AuthorRank and should be receiving more attention over the next year as people begin to pay more attention to their online reputations. Can we expect a buyout of this up and coming company? I wouldn’t leave this off the table. It is entirely possible that Google may swoop in a give a huge payday to the team over at Klout. For now, we will have to focus on both of these avenues and maintain positive rankings in both.

SEO Will Go Mainstream with a 2nd First Impression

For those business owners, marketing managers, VP of Operations, etc who didn’t notice the decline in ROI this past year; 2013 is sure to send you for a ride. With more and more people joining online social networks and other communities, it’s hard to be found without a strong digital marketing team behind you. Inbound marketing tactics such as search engine optimization will bounce into the mainstream spotlight, being featured in major news broadcasts as legitimate forms of marketing.

For years “SEO” has been labeled as a spammy form of marketing that loses more money than it brings in. This has been the misconception given to legitimate teams like Funnel Boost Media by freelancers and noobs around the world trying to make a penny at anyone’s expense. I believe 2013 will be the year of the comeback for SEO. People will begin to see our industry in a new light and understand the positive affects it can have on business when done right.

Local Search Will Explode

Google has and always will be for the Mom & Pop type stores more than the large corporations. They understand that this is where they make their profit and have begun tailoring the search experience to show more local search results when queried. This trend will continue into 2013 with a rise in on-the-go searching via smart phones or tablets. We expect that local searches will go up close to 100% in 2013 and the search experience will change to accommodate these rising trends.

Popularity Control for Major Tech Companies

The trends are showing the novelty of social networking wearing down over the past year. We believe this trend will continue as users become more aware of the privacy concerns and damaging effects social networking sites carry with them. A rise in anxiety and depression have also been linked to the likes of Facebook and Twitter with addictive consumption. These social platforms are going to need to showcase new privacy regulations and fight mounting criticism over the next year to maintain their user-base.

I also see trouble with the technology giant, Apple. There is a lot of competition entering the market over the past year and Apple doesn’t seem to be doing anything new with their products. Small innovations here and there won’t keep their customer loyalty when there are many products coming out that do the exact same thing, better. Apple will need to come out in 2013 with a brand new product the world has never seen before. I believe the team over at Apple has something hidden up their sleeves, but if I’m wrong the company is in for a world of trouble.

We hope you like our predictions for 2013 and can utilize these ideas into your digital marketing campaigns over the next few months. Have ideas or predictions of your own? We’d love to hear them! Use the comment box below.

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