Developing Your Own App Could Boost Your Brand’s Ego

shutterstock_153564329Developing apps that function well takes time, and in order to get users to download your app, you will need to know how to position the product in the app stores.


By following the steps below, you can significantly increase your chances of your app being chosen amongst a slew of others.


Always pay attention to geography and the platform


Location affects how your apps will be developed due to the differences in culture. In some parts of the world having an English app will work fine even though the native language is different, while in other countries the app needs to be in the language most widely spoken there.


Android users are far more reluctant to load the latest version, while iOS users are almost always up-to-date. When all iOS users are on the latest version, app developers can assure that all new features will be supported. However, Android apps are developed to fit versions from two to three years back.


Pay attention to security and performance


Often times users download an app only to never use it after the first time. This happens because the app did not meet the user’s expectation in terms of performance or it was different than described.


It is critical to create an app that gives the user a different experience from the website with unique features such as mobile payment options. An app should be user-friendly and safe. Users want an app that appears trustworthy, which includes how the app functions. The last thing a user wants is an app to stop working while they are making a payment.


Choose your app icon wisely


App icons are your customer’s first impression of your product and what it offers. When deciding on the look of your app, consider proper colors and something simple. It doesn’t hurt to look at other apps for companies in your classification to keep from having something similar to someone else and ideas for making your icon unique.


Get users to leave reviews


This is one of the best ways to determine the user experience on your app and what changed could potentially be made. These reviews must be authentic because fake reviews will throw a red flag. Create a section that encourages feedback on your app store.


Always test your app’s functionality

Developers need to test apps frequently after it is released into the app stores. We never suggest waiting until you get negative user feedback before testing or fixing issues. Not staying on top of the functionality of your app will cause you to lose users.


Every aspect of your app will need to be tested by someone using it as a customer would.




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