Deciding To Create A Blog: Best Practices

content blog writingAre you trying to start a blog to promote your business?

Congratulations on the solid choice. Now let’s take a look at what makes a blog good and what makes a blog bad. Everyone thinks that the content they post online is relevant and useful, but do your readers actually feel compelled to read and share your posts?

You want to make sure you don’t just spam people with advertisements on your blog or link to poorly maintained sites that hurt your reputation. There’s also the fact that some blogs simply look downright boring.

Let’s learn how to make your blog pop in order to put your brand in a good light and sell products or services.


Use Pictures as Much as You Can

Pictures are typically the most shared items online. When you find a great picture that goes along with your blog post make sure you use it to grab people’s attention and create something that folks actually enjoy looking at. Consider using infographics and charts to show readers trends and expectations in your industry. Sometimes the best blog posts are those filled with comprehensive pictures that either shock or amaze people. Don’t forget the power of humor either. Consider finding images that make people laugh in order to take the edge off of your blog.


Don’t Link to or Receive Links from Bad Sites

One of the best ways to improve search engine rankings is to receive links from credible sites back to your site. This pushes people to your site and tells search engines that other people find your content interesting. One downside to this knowledge is that web moderators often think that it’s ok to swap links with other website owners or just link back for crap sites. Avoid this at all costs. When you link to poorly managed sites and those sites link back to you Google and the other search engine penalize you. The best way to avoid this is to find high profile sites and guest post to help your search engine optimization. SEO can be tricky to work if you’re not an expert though. A local SEO company like Funnel Boost Media can assist with optimizing your site to meet your local SEO needs.


Provide Tons and Tons of Value for Free

Sure you probably want to sell products or services once you start your blog, but the most successful blogs stick around because they provide loads of free content without asking for anything in return. Think about a customer who goes online and looks at two companies that offer the same products. One company provides a huge blog with free resources and the other just has sales pages. Most people would definitely go with the company that offers free resources.


Let us know in the comments how you make your blog stand out from the rest. Did we miss anything on this list? Explain what questions you might have about increasing the popularity of your blog.

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