SSE Mgmt

SSE Electronics Management System is a project for all branches of LG Electronic India Pvt. Ltd to maintain the information related to employee, i.e. MRF Form, Bio Data, attendance, sale records, current work position, current designation, target of employee.

Technology: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Oracle 9i


  • MRF (Mainpower requesition Form) Submission: This form is used for taking approval to appoint new employees as well as replacement emoyees in the branch
  • Bio Data Submission: If MRF of any type is approved by the sales admin, then the branch fills the details of new employee using this form.
  • Resignation Submission: If any employee wants to resign, then the branch will fill out this form.
  • Attendance Submission: This feature will fill out a form showing the attendance of all employees at the end of the month.
  • Secondary Sales Tracking: The form will show all the number of sold products of each employee.
  • Outlet Detail Submission: This will fill the details of the outlet.
  • Target Setting: The branch will fill the target of employee.


  • .NET