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Developing Your Own App Could Boost Your Brand’s Ego

July 23, 2017
Ryan Duncan
Developing apps that function well takes time, and in order to get users to download your app, you will need to know how to position the product in the app stores.   By following the steps below, you can significantly...
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5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Having a Mobile App

July 10, 2017
Ryan Duncan
As online competition continues to thicken and more marketing strategies are surfacing, business owners must get more creative. One strategy that business owners should seriously consider is mobile app development. Mobile apps are a powerful way to give you access...
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Should I Build my App for Android or iOS first?

July 10, 2016
Ryan Duncan
So you are ready to build your app, and you are at the age old app developer’s question- which platform should I choose first? I say first, because in this day and age, it is ridiculous to not develop your...
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Mobile App Creation Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

May 21, 2016
Ryan Duncan
When you create a mobile app it becomes prevalent that you know exactly what you’re talking about online. You show people who are technologically advanced that you are reaching out to them and trying to figure out exactly how they...
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How to Make Your Mobile App Better Than Competitors

November 30, 2015
Ryan Duncan
A mobile app has become mainstream, but are you utilizing your app in the most efficient way? Do you even have an app to share with your customers and send them updates on new products and services. People love mobile...
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