Should I Build my App for Android or iOS first?

shutterstock_220531795So you are ready to build your app, and you are at the age old app developer’s question- which platform should I choose first? I say first, because in this day and age, it is ridiculous to not develop your app for both. Honestly, you may even want to consider making your app Kindle compatible on top of it! So, I am emphasizing that this is not a discussion about which, rather it is a discussion about which one first.

Android has a Variety of Marketplaces

If you build an app for Android first, you will be able to bring it to a lot more people. Unlike iOS, the Android platform is designed to reach millions of devices and is not restricted to one single store. Users could access your app through Google Play, Amazon App Store or even Samsung’s own app store. Plus, there are even more marketplaces becoming available as alternative ways for users to find your app. Whereas iOS currently is limited to their one store, Android users have variety.

Android is More Secure

The Android operating system is designed to be more secure than iOS. While this may not immediately seem applicable for your app, it may make all the difference in how you build it. An app that meets the security requirements of the Android operating system will surely suffice for the iOS operating system. Therefore, building an app that is designed for the Android first make a lot of sense for the efficient app developer.

Focus on Specific Devices

Within the Android world, there are many devices with different nuances. By building for Android first, not only do you create an app that has the ability to work across many platforms, you also have the baseline for specializing on one. For example, you could create an app designed to work with the Samsung S-Pen, or an app that builds on the features of the Kindle fire. Both apps would be Android based and usable across many Android devices, but with special benefits specific to your target device.

App development is a popular arena with lots of potential.  With so many users and developers though, it is important to make something that is not only usable, but also visible. That is why it is developers should build something that works for both Android and iOS if they truly want people to use it. By starting with an Android operating system, you are able to reach the most people, build the most secure app, and specialize on specific devices.

Android is truly the best way to get started. Now all you have to worry about is building something useful, because seriously how many games about slingshot birds does the world need?

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