How Blog Posts Keep Your Website On Page One

shutterstock_194311304How does a web search work? What needs to be done to a website for it to appear on page one of a Google search? What about Page 2? How can you increase the odds of being on page one with keywords that relate to your website?
These are all very important questions. What many people don’t realize is that an essential piece of search engine optimization (SEO) is blog posting. Understanding how valuable blog writing is to getting your website on page one is the first step to mastering this task.

How does blog posting have anything to do with driving search results? Well, it’s simple. If you write an article that has keywords a potential customer is looking for, they are more likely to be directed to your site. Now, the key to making this work for your business is using unique keywords that separate your site from the rest of the pack.
Some people try filling their blog with everything under the sun to drive traffic to it – that is a black hat SEO tactic and can ultimately ruin the reputation of your website. However, having unique content with keyword placement that will drive traffic to your site can give your website a ranking on page one. The more opportunities that people have to enter a keyword that is relevant to your site, the more opportunity there is to drive up your ranking and keep you on page one on a consistent basis.

Blog Posts & Web Traffic
Understanding the way that search engines work is critical to understanding how blog posts play a significant role in getting web traffic to your site. WordPress is an ideal platform for SEO. It gives search engines the ability to move through content with ease and deliver information to people who are searching for it.
WordPress is generally used for blog writing. So, if WordPress is a tool that drives SEO and its major platform role is blog writing, blog posts can help you get great SEO results. Here are some other key things to remember about blogging for SEO:
• Create quality content – the goal is to create content in your blog posts that is relevant, useful and shareable. The more that your content incorporates these things, the more traffic will be driven to your site.
• Post often – it’s important to keep your blog posts consistent. Don’t post sporadically and then expect to get to page one. Keep the content coming for more chances for you to shine.
• Be natural – Direct your content to the target audience you are attempting to reach. Speak the language your target audience speaks to get them to your site and keep them coming back for more.
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