How Can A Blog Boost Your Company’s Exposure?

eyeball exposure companyDoes you company have a website for customers to come visit and view your products or services?

How do people find your company online? Is it easy for them?

There are various ways to push people towards your website such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media and more. But one of the best and most forgotten ways of pushing people to your site and keeping them there is through a blog. You’ll often hear that small business owners do not think their customers will be interested in reading blog posts. This could not be further from the truth.

Blog posts help provide value to current customers while grasping the attention of potential customers. Let’s take a look at how your blog posts can help gain exposure for your company online.

Provide Value For Current Customers

When your current customers or potential customers go to your website they probably have several options to choose from in terms of your services or products. You have competitors, and there’s a good chance your competitors have some sort of online presence. Let’s say one of your potential clients goes to your website and then compares it to your competitor’s website.

Both website are similar, with product listings, contact info and benefits. If you have a full blog with free resources for your customers they are much more likely to go with your company than the competitor. Blogs help provide additional value to your customers. They also help customers connect with the company since they can leave feedback and discuss questions with other customers.


The goal of SEO is to attract new customers through search engines. The more pages you have on your website the better chance you have at someone typing in some keywords into Google or Bing and ending up on one of your pages. Once they get to one of these pages they might move onto your products or services pages.

A local SEO company with 100 blog posts has 100 more pages that people can randomly land on when searching for relevant content online. The blog posts also provide social credibility. If you post a how-to post on gardening in the city, and someone finds it helpful, they are more likely to turn to your company since they now trust you. Increase the chances of people finding you by providing valuable content with relevant keywords.

Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments why you think a blog is helpful for your company. Have you implemented a blog yet? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? If you currently run a successful blog, tell everyone how it has helped your company and how you go about managing the blog effectively.

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