Bing Versus Google : Who Wins?

When people have questions or want to learn about a particular subject and have no idea who to ask, they usually turn to Google. The search giant has been a part of the growing generation for the past decade, influencing lifestyles and learning behaviors worldwide. Students have written papers and graduated high school with the help and of Google search. But this search engine, isn’t only for students. It was built for the curious, with a never-ending passion to know. Google is an entity where you can have all your questions answered. For those who have grown up with search engines, can see the impact it has made in the world. Even parents nowadays tell their children to Google the answer when they ask the inevitable question “Where did we come from?”.

But have you ever wondered what our life would have been like if there was no Google?  Have we ever wondered what other search engines might have came about and led the way in search? Sure, this can be a difficult reality to imagine. Google is the king. But the truth is there are other search engines out there giving Google a run for their money. They may not be at the same caliber as the search giant, Google, but have made great strides in their delivery of search results from around the web. One major search engine is the Microsoft powered Bing.  As you have probably seen the advertisements out there about Bing versus Google, and which one wins, let’s take a deeper look into this search engine. They currently have about a 15% market share in the search world, but have promise to grow into something larger.

The user interface of Bing is unquestionably better than Google. It is not as simple as the Google search results and definitely does not post the awesome Doodles that makes you want to log on to Google every day, but the interface is colorful in comparison making it more user friendly. The downfall of Bing lays in their search algorithm. It is not as smart as Google. Google’s search engine optimization rate is the best in the industry. It relies on formulas, measures, and ranking algorithms that have been fine tuned over the past 12 years to make it into what it is today.

Bing on the other hand, aspires to do what Google does day in and day out, taking cues from the search king for how to structure their results and what relevant information to share with the searcher. For example, Bing has copied the snapshot column which Google is so famous for. When Bing started, they used to include only certain information about a movie or an actor but now, just like Google, they have started included the life summary as well as images of them. Both of the search engines are taking the information from Wikipedia, therefore they both have similar content and font. Both show a snapshot of a map and information when performing a local search query, however, after a few researches of some famous places on Bing and Google, you can easily see that Bing does not update their information as frequently as Google’s index. People rely on these search engines for accurate information and if they provide wrong information, then they begin to lose their credibility.

Although Bing has been competing with Google for a few years now, the search engine is still in its infancy. There is a lot of work to be done with the science that drives their search results to bring it to the same level Google is competing on. With that being said, Google wins our Bing versus Google challenge for 2013, and shows promise to keep that standing for the many years to come.  A local SEO company can help rank your website across all search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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