Monetize Your Blog, Without Turning People Away

shutterstock_349413722Just about everywhere you look online, new bloggers are popping up all over the place. There are people out there making up to a million dollars off of blogging. These people have succeeded in finding ways to get paid to blog while still maintaining their following.

And that, my friend, is exactly what this article is going to teach you to do!

Charge to share your information

If you share information that people benefit from, then paid content is a great way to go. One thing we warn against is giving people a snippet of your content then asking them to pay to see the rest.

The best way to handle this is to have information that is free, then provide a separate space for your very best material, reserved for those who will pay for it.

Here are some examples of ways to get paid for your information.

  1. Consultations Offer phone consultations providing advice.
  2. Sell E-books – Sell your knowledge by pulling it all together, and sharing it in a book.
  3. Exclusive members only – If you have a quality product or information, then you can offer this to members only.
  4. Video content and podcasts – Some people will gladly pay you for the convenience to hear what you have to share on a podcast at any time wherever they may be. And this goes for video, too.

Advertise your stuff, or someone else’s

While ads truly can be an annoyance to any viewer, this is a sure way to make money from your blog. So, the best way to make sure you don’t piss off your readers is to keep your ad content appropriate and never bombard your blog with a ton of ads. No one wants to view a blog jam-packed with ads.

Pick a few options that are suitable for the results you want.

  1. Tribal fusion – If you prefer a service that is based on impressions, optimization and targeting, then this is the option for you.
  2. Blogads – This is an awesome blogger network that can easily provide you with good, appropriate ads for your blog.
  3. Yahoo! – Yahoo has a publisher network that allows you to show ads on your blog.
  4. Indeed – You can actually get paid to post job listings from this company.
  5. Adify – This is another opportunity that lets you set your own price, and get great ads.
  6. Clicksor – For a little creativity, clicksor gives you options for different ways to display your ads, including graphics and text.
  7. AdVolcano – Create your own unique ads, and evaluate your advertisers with AdVolcano.

Be the expert

When people come to read your blogs, they generally trust you and are seeking your expertise in whatever subjects you are discussing. That being said, this can lead to paid events.

  1. Workshops – Give your viewers the opportunity to see you live and in-person at a workshop.
  2. Paid to blog – Your blog becomes your resume, so use this to get jobs writing for other companies.
  3. Radio and interviews – Start your own online radio station, and charge people to be showcased on your show and featured on your podcasts. Also, use your blog to land radio interviews.
  4. Speaking engagements – It happens all too often that a good blog leads to an invitation to speak at public events.

Donations and services

Why not just make it clear that you want to get paid? Get paid for services, and ask for donations using these platforms.

  1. Amazon wish list – Add things you want to your Amazon list, and give your readers the opportunity to purchase these things for you.
  2. PayPal – Use PayPal buttons to accept donations and payment for services/consultations.
  3. Money in the mail – Rent a post office box, and share this with your readers as a way to send donations.
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