Amateur Social Media Marketers Are Ruining Social Networks

social media marketing amateur

You wouldn’t go to your cousin Vinny to represent you in court would you? Well, unless your cousin is actually a lawyer, it isn’t recommended. The same thing is happening with social media marketing. Amateurs are attempting to pose as authorities on how to grow a business online.  It’s reckless and ignorant to trust your business to a hobbyist – yet many businesses are doing it today.  The worst part is they are ruining their online reputation and social networks as a whole.

Social networks began as a way for friends to stay connected and for strangers to connect. It is like a virtual neighborhood park that the whole world has access to.  In your social network, you could invite your mom just so she could see how you’ve been doing. You could run into another person who reads the same book as you in your social network and start a conversation about it. It is the place to make connections.

A social network, whether it is a career oriented site like Linked In, a video site like YouTube, or a free style information share site like Twitter is just a huge meeting spot for people who want to be connected.

Of course businesses want to be a part of that.  It is their opportunity to grow their customer base and connect with the ones they already have.

It’s as if our beautiful parks were suddenly overrun with stores. I mean, it was nice to have the occasional hot dog vendor or ice cream truck drive by, but when a restaurant decided to build in the middle of the park, it became a problem. The restaurant felt like it was benefiting because of the huge amount of traffic in the park, but once it opened people left, because there was no room to enjoy the park anymore.There’s nothing saying businesses can’t or shouldn’t be a part of these social networks. There is plenty of room for them, when everything remains equal.  The problem starts because some social networks have become more about the businesses than the people who have come there for their connections. As a result, people are beginning to leave their social networks, or finding other ones so that they can escape the businesses.

The problem is that businesses can easily take up too much of the social media space one they start entering it. There is room for businesses in social media but they have to know how to be a part of the environment without taking over it. It is a hard thing to do, but a professional social media marketer will know how to effectively be a part of the social networking community without detracting from it and losing potential customers. Local SEO company‘s often have social media marketing experts to help full optimize your social media and gain popularity.

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