How Do Ad Blockers Change Online Marketing?

shutterstock_327621209If you are someone dealing with online marketing in some capacity, the chances are good that ad blocking is relevant to you. Whether you have already noticed a drop in ad success or not, experts say that the ad blockers are going to become more and more relevant as time goes on.

The threat of the ad blocker

In just a year, we can expect a whopping 33% of internet users to have some kind of ad blocker on their browser. That’s a huge percentage and a huge threat to online marketers who are trying to get their name out there.  Nowadays not only personal computers have ad blocking options, but even smartphones and other mobile devices now have ad blocking software.

These mobile ad blockers are especially intense in the way they affect online advertising and marketing. That is simply due to how widespread they are in the mobile device usage. Although ad blockers are already being used by about a third of mobile device users, we can expect this to increase by more than 60% within the year.

How to adapt

So far there isn’t a yet a perfect solution for people wanting to get their business marketed online. Most businesses online haven’t been particularly successful. Some companies offer premium services at a price (such as Spotify Premium, for example) to answer the consumer demand to get rid of all those ads. But remember, ad blockers themselves are usually free — so for many websites, paying for service doesn’t make any sense when you can keep the ads from coming up for free.

How do we stop it?

We probably can’t. Users want to do whatever they can to keep their online browsing as free of advertisements as possible. Generally speaking, there are a lot more reasons for a user to avoid ads than to keep them; so who can blame them, really?

Video ads slow down an internet user’s page loading times, or they have audio that plays automatically (which can be surprising or embarrassing, depending on where you are), or they can just be distracting when you need to focus. Some of the worst ads actually cover the pages users are trying to look at — the much dreaded “pop-ups.” For mobile device users, ads even use up their precious, expensive data.

That being said, some users truly understand the need for online advertising, and would be happy to find an alternative that works for both parties. Some websites, such as, have stopped allowing users to access their site at all if they are using an ad blocker being.

Some advertising is being allowed through by Ad Blocker Plus, but only if they approve it as “non-intrusive.” Then again, some companies actually have to pay Ad Blocker to allow their advertisements through — which may lead to some murky questions of ethics.

In any case, online advertising isn’t expected to disappear anytime soon. The industry is simply going to have to adapt — but if there’s anything that can persist through the ages, it’s advertising.


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