5 Ways to Increase Back-to-School Sales

shutterstock_388660693Are you ready for back to school? Well, considering the fact that all schools aren’t starting at the same time, you can still reach new shoppers. Small businesses of all types can benefit from both parents and students looking for just about any way to save money.

Whether you operate a home goods store, restaurant or clothing store you can use these marketing ideas to attract back-to-school shoppers.

Focus on using social media

Regardless of age, children play a major role in purchasing decisions no matter if they want their parents to buy it or if they are buying it on their own. Social media can help you capitalize off this.

Use Instagram to promote your retail shop with contests.  Engage your followers by having them post photos of themselves wearing things from your store for a chance to win back-to-school attire. Pinterest boards are an excellent way for shoppers to post pictures of trendy fall clothing, which can be then shared on Facebook, with a link to the items people can buy from your shop.

Time your sales perfectly

Students will totally appreciate you offering fun perks that they can get excited about. A two-for-one scoop special at an ice cream shop is sure to get the after-school crowd’s attention. A simple drink or snack special can bring them in the door, but don’t forget about the profit made from sales on back-to-school supplies.

Once you have planned your approach, a bit of digital marketing can help boost it along. Create a compelling marketing email to alert customers of your promotion. Email marketing is an excellent way to reach your ideal audience as well as organize them for future marketing needs.

Events appeal to customers

For college students, events are a great way to reach new customers. Hosting open-mic night, movie screening or trivia nights at your college bar, coffee shop, and the school bookstore will get the attention your business needs. Create an interesting theme and make sure everyone knows about your event in advance.

Offer customer benefits regularly

Use punch cards to encourage repeat customers. Offer a free coffee, sandwich, latte, etc.… after they make a certain number of purchases. Digital punch cards are ideal because the customer doesn’t just receive the benefit of discounted purchases, but the business owner also has another customer to add to their opt-in list for future promotions.

Time to get back to business

Back to school sales doesn’t just have to be about school supplies or college students. As summer comes to an end, the children are out of the house, and parents can now think about projects such as home improvement. Snag these shoppers by offering sales on your products or give incentives that make them reach out to your company for assistance.

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