5 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

conversion rate optimizationYour website was built for a purpose, and if you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for more than just traffic. Many website designers and owners know how to get traffic to a site. The more challenging part is getting that traffic to convert into something useful. But with the help of a local SEO company getting traffic doesn’t have to be challenging anymore.

Who Are You Designing For?

It may seem like a simple question, but you would be surprised how many designers overlook this simple query.  Understanding your visitors, and the visitors you would like to have is absolutely key to designing a site that will compel them to do anything. It’s not all about glitz anymore! An attractive website will only take a company so far. It must be targeting to the needs and habits of the people it has been developed for.

Why Am I Here?

Every single page in your website should be able to quickly answer that question. This means make each page purposeful. Resist the urge to throw in a page because it looks good. Looking good is not a reason to exist if you are truly focused on conversion rate. Design a page that direct and clear keeps your end goal in mind.

Follow the Trends, but Don’t Be Afraid to Dream

This is to say that yes, you should focus on website analytics, but no, you should not get hung up by them. Analytics are in place to help you see trends. Once you know those trends, you should not be afraid to come up with your own theories about what will work for your customers, and try them out.

Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

Everyone loves innovation, but if you don’t follow the basic rules of web design your visitors may be too confused to know what to do. Website visitors are engaged with sites that they trust. They want something that is likable. They need to be able to clearly see what to do next. They need to know that other sites find your site reliable. You cannot get around these principles so there really any point in trying. Unless you enjoy certain doom, of course.

It’s Never Done

Your website must always be updated. A small mistake will cost so much authority it is impossible to measure. Whereas it is important to take risks in website design in order to yield the highest returns, it is just as important to be willing to own your mistakes and fix them when you can. Continuously test your site to see what works and what does not, and don’t be afraid to scrap something and start over- no matter how good it looks.

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