3 Ideas for Converting More Website Traffic

Speaking to a lot of business owners, website developers, and marketers, I am frequently asked “How can we make our website convert more?” This is a difficult question to address as there is no universal solution to this problem. Every website has their own set of problems and each industry has a different idea of what a goal conversion may be. Although there are some consistencies between industries, there is one common thing I find true among websites. A website viewer’s travel through your site, from the page he/she lands on to the conversion page has to be a simple, natural progression. Use the K.I.S.S. tactic and Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes it’s best to leave the website designer and SEO to digital marketing companies, like Funnel Boost Media. Funnel Boost Media is a local SEO company that can help fully optimize your website so that it will rank higher in search engines and you will ultimately convert more sales.

1) Make the Navigation Dummy-Proof

Your site must be easy to navigate. If a user comes to your page and finds something they find of value, they must be able to log in on a different computer and easily find that same material. A good rule of thumb here is to make your pages discover-able with no more than 3 to 4 clicks of the mouse. It is also best to group like pages together with parent pages. Maybe your a company that offers 7 different services. Instead of listing all the separate pages across the navigation menu, simply create a drop down navigation that lists these pages under a parent page called “services”.
Creating a simpler navigation framework on your site is essential to keeping users on your website and bringing them closer to the conversion goal.

2) Small Call to Action in Header

A small but obvious call to action embedded in the header and seen across each page of the website is a sure way to increase conversions. Make sure you clearly state what it is your business is looking for. At Funnel Boost Media, we typically reserve this space for the company’s phone number with a “Call Today” headline above the digits. Although this is a small change, it can create noticeable differences in conversions. You’d be surprised how many people go to your competitor because they can’t find your company’s phone number.

3) Capture Info on Each Page

This is a trick I learned several years back from a friend in the business. I was working for a home improvement company at the time, handling their online marketing and was seeking ways to increase conversions. We considered a conversion a consumer who filled out our form for a free consultation. My buddy Steve brought up the idea of putting the form on the sidebar of every page. I took his advice and a little more than a month later our conversions exploded by more than 100%. Now, when I say “every page” that doesn’t literally mean every page. Simply place the form on your main business pages, and service pages. Anywhere where you would ask the viewer to go to the contact page.
This simply takes the step out of going to the contact / form page to give your information, making the process simpler. This can work for any company that collects information from the consumer. After playing with the positioning of these forms, I’ve found that a from placed above the fold of the webpage is more likely to receive a conversion than one where the consumer needs to scroll down to find.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple ideas of keeping your website simple and converting more. Stay in touch for more ideas on how to get more online conversions with your company’s digital marketing tactics.

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