10 Awesome Ways to Freshen Up Your Website

WebBecome a blogger

A blog is a popular way to liven up your website while enhancing your online presence. Your website will come up more frequently when you regularly add new content. One of the best ways to blog is via WordPress. It is easy to get started, and it is free to do yourself.

Use social media pages

Adding social media links and plug-ins to your website makes it easier for people to find you. People love following their favorite business or blog via outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Add more pictures

Adding the right type of pictures that directly reflect your business or the purpose for your site is a necessity. People love the visual effect, and it makes them feel like they are learning so much more about you.

Jump on the YouTube bandwagon

Making videos can be loads of fun, and your audience will likely appreciate this change. Your videos do not need to be perfect. Just make them good quality, and well put together. It helps to take a minute to browse through the different videos on topics that relate to your website or business, to get some cool ideas.

Use surveys

Surveys are easy to configure, and an excellent way to give your audience more information while enabling you to learn more about them.

Add new colors and upgrade your website theme

Color brightens up your website and makes it more appealing to your visitors’ eyes. Try using colors in your heading fonts, titles and to highlight important information. And while you are at it, update your theme. You can find some awesome new themes for free on WordPress. And if you don’t quite feel like you know what you are doing, don’t be shy about hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Be authentic

There is nothing worse than boring, basic content that has no personality. People are attracted to content that isn’t always too serious and is interesting to read. Make sure your wording is clear, and on topic. Make them feel like they are reading something from a real person. Just don’t bore your audience to death. Make them want to come back for more.

Give them something to listen to

Audio recordings are great ways to freshen up your website. Use audio to introduce yourself, or provide information to your visitors so they can hear your lovely voice, and get a good vibe from you. You don’t just have to add the audio to your website. You can also put it on your social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Convert your visitors

One way to keep in touch with your visitors is to create a way for them to subscribe so they can get more information from you. The best place to put something like this is on the home page. Whatever you do, it needs to be easy for visitors to access once they get to your website.



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